ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] System Implementation

Romanyà Valls has implemented recently an ERP system that allows us to have updated information on the processes at any time.

Foto: Implantación del Sistema ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning]

ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] is a system of coordination and networking between all the different processes that take place in a business: planning, manufacturing, sales, finance, etc.., built on the idea of exchanging information between different departments of the company and facilitating their integration. Provides real time information on the status of the various business processes.


The ultimate goal of these integration systems is to improve customer service through re-engineering the whole process.


ERP implementation is complex and requieres an innovative change in developing internal processes. It aims a substantial improvement in product development and  delivery time to client, Time to market, reductions in the product cost due to a more efficient control management of resources, manpower, materials and increased quality assurance processes that are reflected in the quality of the product.