Why Romanyà Valls?

The printing house Romanyà Valls S.A. is part of a long tradition of effort and success that began in 1956 in Capellades (Barcelona).

Since the mid sixties we have striven to offer the highest quality in the printing and binding of books. This strategy has driven us to a constant process of innovation and incorporation of technology in order to improve the quality and competitiveness of our publishing services.

We don’t want just to print books. We seek to provide solutions to our clients and advise them at any moment to make their work easier.

The principles that guide our activity are: tradition,  innovation, commitment and proximity.

Tradition, a way to make books based on experience, seriousness, accuracy and professionalism.

Innovation, a permanent attitude aimed at constantly improving our production processes to provide a wider and more flexible service.

Commitment, with a steady effort to meet the deadlines of orders

Proximity, in the relationship with the customer: we are at your side throughout the process, and offer quick responses.